Alcohol Markers

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More than Just Copics: Expanding Your Alcohol Marker Collection

My Top Five Alcohol Marker Recommendations


Copic Sketch Vs.

Spectrum Noir (1st gen, 1st marker review)
Prismacolor Premier
Tria Pantone Markers
Shin Han Twin Touch
Letraset Flex Marker
Marvy LePlume
ChartPak AdPro
Pantone Universe
TriArt Mini
Potentate Markers
Poison Grafitti Markers
Chromatix Markers
Finecolour Markers (Ali Express)
Kurecolor Twin S
Neopiko 2

Mini Reviews:

Concept and Fab Alcohol Markers

Reviews+Field Tests:

Chameleon Markers
Artist Loft Markers
Hobby Lobby Art Marker
Blick Studio Markers
Conda Markers
Shang Hai Touoh (Ali Express)
Finecolour Sketch (Ali Express)
Peter Pauper
Winsor and Newton Promarker and Brush Marker
Kurecolor Brush and Fine

Other Types of Alcohol Markers
Winsor and Newton Pigment Markers Part 1

Swatch Test of W&N Pigment Markers on Vellum:

Non Art-Specific Alcohol Markers (Permanent Markers)

Bic Mark It Permanent Markers
Sharpies for Art?! Sharpie Art Challenge


Copic vs MEXPY vs Shin Han Twin Touch
Copic Sketch Super Brush Vs Copic Original Optional Brush Nib
Alcohol Markers Vs Waterbased Markers
Alcohol Based, Waterbased, Watercolor- A Quick Overview


YouTube Tutorials


ArtSnacks Challenge February- Alcohol marker tutorial, mixed media demonstration, limited palette demonstration
Dark Skintones with Alcohol Markers (plus swatches)
Diving in to Copic Wides and Alcohol Misters
Let's Find Out! Masking Fluid and Alcohol Markers
Making Alcohol Misters
Skintones and Skies
Strathmore Vellum Bristol Test and Alcohol Marker Tutorial
Reviving Marker Zombies
How to Use Masking Frisket with Markers
Using Brusho with Alcohol Markers
Filling Empty Copic Markers with Ranger (or Jacquard) Alcohol Inks
Labelling Custom Alcohol Markers with Acrylic Markers
Using Ranger Inks to fill a Copic Wide Marker
Masking Techniques for Copic Markers:
Experiments and Mistakes: Masking for Marker Airbrushing:
Masking Frisket and Markers: An Easy Tutorial to Up Your Art Game:
Quick Colored Lead and Copic Tutorial:
How to Mask Copic Wide Markers for Backgrounds:
How to Use Masking Frisket with Markers:
Spray Inks and Lace Blick and Copic Marker Tutorial:

Copic in Your Sketchbook- Inking Black over Gray
ArtSnacks June 2016 Challenge- Alcohol Misters, Alcohol Markers, Masking, Combining Waterbased markers with Alcohol Markers
SketchBox April 2016 Challenge- Combining watercolor with Alcohol marker
Inking Your Character to Life with a Brush Pt 1
Inking Your Character to Life with a Brush Pt 2
Kara in the Flowers Marker Tutorial:
Creating Patterns Using Copic Markers and Washi Tape:
Creating a Spring Succulent with Copic Markers Tutorial:
Meldina in Mint Alcohol Marker Tutorial:
Layered Copic Illustration Tutorial:
Colored Lead Introduction:
Giving Style to Your Characters with Colored Leads Tutorial:
Gleam and Glow Copic Marker Tutorial:
Daisies Quietly Bloom- Copic on Toned Tan Tutorial:
Jellyfish Mermaid Marker Tutorial:
Drawing a Succulent with Colored Leads and Copics:
Cutest Gryphon Ever Copic Tutorial:
Liquid Gold! Using Metallic Alcohol Inks in my Art:
Striking Harmony with Copic and Watercolor Tutorial:
Colored Lead and Gel Pens Marker Tutorial:

Youtube Reviews

Sharpie Brush Field Test (And Copic Compatibility, includes tutorial)
Spectrum Noir G2 Comparison, Overview, and Swatches
Spectrum Noir G2 Field Test
Prismacolor Marker Field Test
Neopiko 2 Japanese Alcohol Marker Overview:
First Look Blick Illustrator Markers:
Artist Loft Marker Revamp Unbox and Swatch:
Illustrator Markers by Spectrum Noir- Alcohol Marker Review:
Chameleon New Markers Unboxing:
Chameleon Marker Overview:
Neopiko Color Unbox and Swatch:
Pen Art Marker Review:
Winsor and Newton Brushmarkers on W&N Marker Paper:
Chameleon Color Tops Unboxing:
Chameleon Marker and Chameleon Marker Top Overview and Demonstration:
Marvy LePlume Fine Brush Field Test:
Ironlak Striker Marker Field Test:
Arrtx Alcohol Marker Unbox and Swatch:
Neopiko Color Unbox and Swatch:
Illustrator Markers by Spectrum Noir:
Blick Illustrator Markers Field Test:

Alcohol Markers from Crayola- Crayola Blending Markers:
Draw a Mermaid: Crayola Signature Blending Markers Field Test

YouTube Overviews

3 Cheap Copic Alternatives
Ali Express Marker Overview
Chameleon Marker Overview
MEXPY Marker Overview
W&N Promarkers Vs Letraset Promarkers
My Top 5 Alcohol Marker Recommendations

Paper Compatibility

Testing Winsor and Newton Pigment Marker Paper with Alcohol Markers
Testing Papers for Markers
Testing Markers on Dura-Lar:
Papers for Markers- Alcohol Markers on Glossy Photo Paper:
Testing Pigment Marker Paper: Copic Markers:
Alcohol Marker Test on W&N Marker Paper:
Matte Photo Paper Marker Swatching:
Copic Markers on Vellum Field Test:
Copic Markers on Vellum Field Test:

Other Marker Supplies

Making an Alcohol Ink Palette
Custom Alcohol Ink Palette- Ranger Tools
Alcohol Ink Palette Swatches with Ranger Papers
Homemade Alcohol Ink Palette Field Test:
Ranger Alcohol Ink Swatching:
Ranger Mixatives and Jacquard Pinata Alcohol Ink Demonstration:
Demonstrating Jacquard Alcohol Inks:

ArtBin Marker Satchel

Timelapse Videos

Jellyfish Mermaid Marker Timelapse
MEXPY and Copic Marker Timelapse
Light up the Dark- Marker Timelapse
80's Night Alcohol Marker Timelapse:
Star Light Star Bright: Marker Timelapse:
Cotton Candy Beauty Marker Timelapse:
Forest Princess Marker Timelaps:
Beautiful Beads Marker Timelapse:
Sweet Unicorn Marker Timelapse:
The Third Eye Marker Timelapse:
Shades of Green- Copic Marker Timelapse:
Lucky Sentiments Copic Marker Timelapse:
The Reflection in Your Eye Copic Marker Timelapse:
Sweet Stuff Mixed Media Marker Timelapse:
Beneath the Sakura- Copic Timelapse:
Welcome 2018 Marker and Ink Timelapse:
Going to Japan! Marker Timelapse:
Super Sweet Copic Marker Timelapse:


Alcohol Marker Reviews and Tutorials

Guest Posts:
Will it Work: Blick Studio Brush Markers and the Copic Airbrush System (Kabocha)

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