The Journey to Kickstarter- 7" Kara Volume 2

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Intrepid blog readers may have noticed that my updates have decreased significantly.  I haven't stopped writing- I'm just putting all that brainpower towards creating great content for the 7" Kara Volume 2 mailing list!

It's been a long road finishing up Volume 2, and I still have a little ways left to walk, but I want to share the journey with you guys.  My goal for the mailing list is to not only get you excited about Volume 2, but to share some behind the scenes process and comic knowledge.  I have some early access tutorials queued up detailing the planning, drawing, inking, and watercolor process for the bonus Naomi chapter, and I'm excited to share my adventures in advertising and newly gained print knowledge.  I plan on keeping some of that exclusive to the mailing list, so if you're curious about making your own comics, sign up!

The 7" Kara Volume 2 mailing list has already launched, so if you want comic process and news delivered to your inbox, you can sign up now!  It's sorta like those halcyon days of feedreaders- you don't have to check your favorites or remember my URL! 

7" Kara Kickstarter Launch graphic

If you want to support Volume 2, but you're not interested in process, you can join us on the Kickstarter prelaunch page and tell Kickstarter you want to be notified when we launch.

Read 7" Kara~!

If you haven't had a chance to read 7" Kara, the first six chapters are available as a webcomic!  You can read it at

7" Kara may be on a webcomic hiatus, but I've been busily working on new chapters!  Volume 2 includes three never before shared chapters, a guest art gallery, and LOADS of new content!  And I have big plans for Kickstarter tiers and stretch goals, including home and classroom activities for parents, teachers, and librarians!  I can't wait to tell you all about it via email! 

I'm excited to share all the good things I've been working on! 


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