Inktober 2019

Week before last, we wrapped up our last week of Inktober.  I've done Inktober for several years now, and this year, I added another Volume to Lilliputian Living, focusing on plants and insects.  As with prior years, I plan on collating this year's Inktober into a zine, but I also have plans to combine all three Inktobers into a small perfect-bound book.

I really enjoyed illustrating various plants this year- inspired by Crime Pays but Botany Doesn't on Youtube, I made sure to pay particular attention to leaf shapes and how they are attached to the rest of the plant and distinctive features of the flowers. 

My real challenge this Inktober was to manage to complete Inktober while teaching Making Comics/Intermediate Comics, tabling for two days, outside, at Handmade and Bound, and acting as an art ambassador for Faber-Castell and Strathmore for two days during Hands on Creativity.  As an added bonus, I also managed to record and share timelapse videos for 27 illustrations and streamed my 31st Inktober as part of my Halloween stream.

My materials for Inktober were pretty simple- all materials I've used and loved.

Strathmore 500 Series Mixed Media Visual Journal
Pink Color Eno Lead
Sakura Pigma FB Brushpen
Pentel Pigment Brushpen- Extra Fine
Pentel Pigment Brushpen- Medium


Day 1- Pansies Original Scan Vs Cleaned Scan
Day 3- Olives

Day 5- Ferns

Day 13- Waterlily

Day 16- Squash Blossom


Day 25- Chrysanthemum- Original Scan Vs Clean Scan

Artnerds received all 32 illustrations, cleaned up and contrast brightened, as a printable coloring book, for free!  Join me on Patreon for this awesome perk, or purchase it off Gumroad for $10.  Artnerds also received a sketchbook of the scans, and will have access to a free PDF zine once that's released.

2019 Inktober Sketchbook Tour


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