Handmade and Bound

Handmade and Bound, Friday

Handmade and Bound, Saturday

Handmade and Bound, Sunday

What is it?

Handmade and Bound is a small handmade and self published book event put on by Watkins College of Art, a Nashville area art school.   Handmade book makers, zinesters, comic artists, and self-published writers are welcome to apply for a table.  Handmade and Bound is part of the Southern Festival of Books, a large book event occurring in Downtown Nashville.

  • Had to sign a no derivative (no fanart) clause)
  • Three days- Friday, Saturday, Sunday
  • Outside, beneath the Handmade and Bound Tent
  • Very weather reliant
  • No outdoor heaters
Who was there:
Wake Up Comics (zine/minicomic vendor)
Other comic artists
Book binders and Handmade Books

Who am I?

I make comics and zines- self-published and published via anthology.  I also offer original art, commissions, and laser cut charms.  Everything on the table was designed or drawn by me.

Table Tour:

Table Top:

Table Cost
$25 Application fee, paid to Watkins
$60 Table Cost
Travel- negligable, it's in downtown Nashville
Parking- negligable- Joseph dropped us off and picked us up on Friday, parking was free on Saturday and Sunday
Food- Brought snacks for Friday, at at foodtruck Saturday and Sunday- $30

Total Costs: $115

Friday sales were awful- $16 total, 2 sales
Saturday sales were decent- $343 total, 24 sales
Sunday sales were low- $101 total, 12 sales

Total Sales: $460

Note:  Sales were down from last year.

Able to promote the heck out of my upcoming Alcohol Marker class with Plaza (unfortunately, this promotion was not reflected in the class attendance- I had only three students show up)
Gave away a lot of free micro mini-comics to little kids- it's always really rewarding to pass the magic of making comics and self-publishing on to the next generation
Sold a few copies of 7" Kara
Sold a few originals
A little additional income when I desperately need it- emphasis on little, as sales were slower than prior year

Weather was cold Friday, Saturday- which is physically hard
Sales were lower than last year
Show is outside, very weather dependent
Wind knocked over my display on Friday due to gusts
Tent is not heated- Friday was really taxing physically
My post show energy was pretty bad, and the timing is awful as I had two classes to teach the following week

2018 Handmade and Bound Show Recap:


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