Thursday, July 11, 2019

Two New Classes for Artnerds

Hey friends!

As you guys know, I just finished teaching a series of six comic classes in South East Louisiana.  Two of these classes are brand new- From Stick to Figure, and Manga Madness are never before presented classes.  Between the two, there are over a hundred demonstrations and walkthroughs- these are pretty hefty presentations!

Cheat Sheet from From Stick to Figure

Cheat Sheet from Manga Madness

I know many of you would like to attend these classes but can't- that's why I'm sharing them with my Artnerds over on Patreon.  If you like my videos and classes, now would be a great time to join the community, so you get Backer Exclusive access to these classes, as well as all the classes (videos, handouts, and more) in my Making Comics class series.  There's a lot of really great stuff I share with Artnerds that's never released to the public, including printable monthly miniprints, a monthly wallpaper, monthly Patron sketchbooks, access to presentations and demonstrations, and early access to videos!  Your support on Patreon enables me to continue to dedicate time to updating this blog, creating new content for Youtube, and creating convention recaps to share on How to be a Con Artist.

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