My Favorite Drawing Tutorials

Here's a selection of some of my favorite drawing and art tutorials from my Youtube channel.  These have been carefully curated to further explore topics covered in my From Stick to Figure and Manga Madness classes at the St Charles Parish Public Library.  These are a great place to start if you're interested in learning how to draw your own comics, or are looking for great art tutorials.

Constructive Drawing/Drawing Basics

Think In 3D: Volumetric Drawing
Building a Figure Using Constructive Anatomy

Basic Figure Drawing/Figure Construction

Constructive Anatomy Demonstration
Sketching Silhouettes- Capturing Gesture and Movement
Constructive Figure Drawing Tutorial

Drawing Manga Faces/Cartoon Faces

Making Faces- Easy Drawing Tutorial
Drawing Fun Cartoon Faces: Expression Tutorial
Drawing Chibi Faces in Multiple Styles
Draw a Face Three Ways
Cartoon Face Turnaround Demonstration

Intermediate Figure Drawing/Figure Studies

Figure Drawing From Reference- Multiple Figures
QuickPoses One Month Figure Drawing Challenge
Figure Drawing for Comics
Drawing and Inking Workshop
Drawing a Head from Different Views- 360 Head Turnaround

Drawing Characters for Comics

Drawing Cartoony Figures
Figure Construction: How to Draw Cartoony Characters
Constructing a Figure- Child
Constructing a Figure- Woman
Constructing a Figure- Man
Chibi Drawing Using Figure Construction

Perspective and Environments

One Point Perspective: Improvement Hell
Intro to Comic Craft: You Need Perspective
Improvement Hell Challenge 2 Point Perspective

Comic Creation

Let's Make a Comic Concept to Scripting to Thumbnails to Roughs
Intro to Comic Craft: Thumbnailing Your Comic
Hourly Comic Day Demonstrations
Character Design in Colored Leads
Generating Thumbnails for Illustration
Intro to Comic Craft: Costume Design

Character Design

Character Design Walkthrough
A Little Princess- Character Design Prompt
Steampunk Maid Character Design Walkthrough
Night Terrors: Character Design Prompt
Lonely Kittens ?!: Character Design Prompt
Operatic Vampires- Character Generator Challenge
Don't Shoot the Messenger- Character Design Challenge
An Orange Flower in Fair Hair- Character Design Challenge
Anne of Green Gables- Cartoon Face Walkthrough

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