Thursday, February 08, 2018

This Saturday marks the 1 year launch anniversary for 7" Kara as a webcomic.  On Monday, I'm going to share my thoughts and experiences about going from print to web, but today I wanted to invite you guys to celebrate with me!

On Saturday, from 7:00-10:00PM CST, I'm hosting a Livestream on my Youtube channel to celebrate a year completed.   

Stream Announcement and Mermaid Markers Video
These are the events I have planned: 
Giveaway: 2 copies of 7" Kara, Volume 1- one first thing, one last thing
Bodychan (artists' reference model) giveaway at 8:00PM (NOTE: This Bodychan is from Wish, and is probably a knockoff, but still useful)
Talk about my experiences with print comics (vol 1, anthologies) vs my webcomic, it's launch and its reception
Talk about materials used in painting chapters
Draw you or your OC as a Lilliputian- will do at least one, see how that goes
Micro art challenge using a mini watercolor set, mini paper, and mini color pencil set
Kara, Naomi, and Tanner chibi heads Copic Marker tutorial
Flip through Volume 1
Flip through Chapter 8

1 Year Anniversary Celebratory Illustration:

Pancake's Pancakes

To celebrate, I asked my Patrons to vote on which illustration they thought sounded cutest, with 'Pancake under a stack of pancakes, Kara freaking out' being the winning prompt.  This was a fun illustration to complete, and was painted on Kilimanjaro 300lb cold press watercolor paper.

Happy Anniversary!  7 Inch Kara 1 Year Launch Birthday: 

I hope I'll see you guys on Saturday evening, and if you haven't had a chance to read 7" Kara yet, you can do so through the main site, Tumblr, or Archive Binge.

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