Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Recent Digital Art

As many of you know, I've been working on developing my kid lit art and children's book illustration portfolio, particularly for digital illustration.  Although I have a bachelor's in hypermedia (digital art), I have to admit that outside of touchups and freelance work, it's a fairly neglected media for me.  Although I greatly prefer watercolor (and even marker) to digital, part of that is simply due to being able to hold the physical piece in my hands.

Unfortunately, it seems that most employers would prefer a strong body of digital art when hiring freelancers, so when I decided to revamp my portfolio, I knew I needed to brush up on digital art and get cracking.

Below are some of my most recent pieces.  If you like what you see, and you're in a position to hire an artist, don't hesitate to contact me- I'm always looking for work.  I'm also available for private commissions if you like my style, but only want to contact me for one or two pieces.   My shop should give you an idea of pricing, but please contact me for a customized quote.

Traditional Inks, Digital Color (Photoshop)

 Traditional Sketch, Digital Inks, Digital Colors (Manga Studio, Photoshop)

All Digital (Varies)