Inking Basics: Inktober Inking Supply List

Purchasing from this list using the included links helps support my work on this blog and on the YouTube channel, as I am using Blick and Amazon affiliate links where applicable and fairly priced.  These are products I am very familiar with, and many have been reviewed either here or on the YouTube channel.  Recommendations are made with beginning inkers in mind.
In the Inktober Box

Pentel Pocket Brush:
$14.29 on DickBlick (plus shipping),  $10.99 on Amazon Prime, free 2 day shipping
Copic Multiliner SP .3: $8.23 on DickBlick (plus shipping)
Kuretake Nib Holder: $10.39+$8.50 on Amazon
Kuretake Saji Nibs, 3 pack: $7.99+ free shipping on Amazon
Princeton Kolinsky Sable 4 round: $15.39 on DickBlick+ Shipping,  $21.34 on Amazon with Prime shipping
Denik Inktober Exclusive SketchBook (not recommended)- Not available outside of the ArtSnacks Inktober Collection

My personal Recommendations

Strathmore Visual Journal Smooth Bristol:
9"x12" $9.67 on DickBlick
Strathmore Visual Journal Vellum Bristol:$9.67 on DickBlick
Sakura of American Pigma FB, MB, BB Brush Pens:$9.99 for all three on DickBlick
Kuretake Fudegokochi, set of 3: $10.55 on Amazon
Tachikawa G Nibs- Pack of 3 Nibs: $8.99 on Amazon with Prime
Crowquill Nib Holder: $1.29 on DickBlick
Crowquill Nibs, Set of 2, 100 and 104: $2.96 on DickBlick
Creative Mark Rhapsody 2 Round: $12.96 on Jerrys's Artarama
Copic Multiliner Set- Set of 9 nibs: $19.51 on DickBlick
OR Sakura Micron Set- Set of 8 Nibs: $16.43 on DickBlick
Tachikawa Nib Holder (like the Kuretake, but better rounded, comes with cap)  $8.34 on Amazon, with free Prime 2 day shipping


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