Sunday, March 29, 2015

Overnight Prints Postcard Review

A few weeks ago, I posted what I was working on lately- mostly digital fanart pieces.  For someone who usually works with very immediate media like watercolor or Copics, media that leaves you with a physical piece when you're done, digital media is quite a switch.  Even though I'd completed quite a few pieces, I had nothing physical to show for it, and that was weird for me.  Of course, the whole point on working on those things was to have new merchandise for my convention table, and while you guys have seen a few glimpses of the new things, I'd like to show you guys something I'm really excited about.

Prints aren't necessarily a strong seller for me, at least, not at traditional print sizes.  This year, I introduced a set of dino mini prints that have been strong sellers, and I personally buy a lot of postcard versions of prints I like.  I wanted to introduce a cute large postcard print, and I opted to go with Overnight Prints, as I've worked with them in the past.

When browsing the site, I saw a listing for 25 5"x7" postcards, and I thought this would be a great starting point.  Unfortunately for me, the spot gloss option would not let me order fewer than 100 postcards, something which wasn't explicitly stated on the site, and was not mentioned in the reply to the query I sent Overnight Prints.  I did end up going with 100 spot gloss 5"x7" postcards, but I felt a bit like I'd been conned into it, and I wish the site would explicitly state what minimum orders you need to place in order to be able to purchase spot gloss.

Another issue I had with Overnight Prints is their proofing and holds system.  The preview doesn't accurately indicate issues with placement or sizing, and Overnight Prints will put a hold on your order if they detect an issue.  I'd sized my postcards to exactly the size I wanted to have them printed at, but there were still issues with my order.  In the end, the postcards I received have a small white margin at the top of the card, which wasn't visible in the preview.

On with the goodies, though!

When this white box from Overnight Prints arrived from Lousville, KY after much waiting, I excitedly tore into it.

And other than the top margins of white, I was really thrilled with the print quality.  So much nicer than my fairly decent Canon home printer can achieve, and it wont drain my ink pots.

I'd never done spot gloss before, but the process was fairly simple, and the results turned out really neat.

The back of the postcard has a modified sample of the space background Alex made, and while I had the option to do spot gloss on this side as well, I wanted to leave it blank so people could easily write on it.

I'm fairly satisfied with my postcard order, although I would've greatly preferred the option to order 25 before investing in 100.

I'll be introducing these postcards at MTAC this year, so if you'd like one, swing by my table!  I'm selling them for $2 each.