Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Convention Announcement: Anime Blast Chattanooga

Hey guys!  This weekend I'll be at Anime Blast Chattanooga, in Chattanooga, TN.  Heidi Black and myself will be making the drive on Thursday, and will be setup and doing business Friday through Sunday. Thus starts another busy convention month, right after Anime Blast, I'm flying to New Orleans to table at NOCAZfest, and then right back to Nashville and on to Memphis for Memphis Comic and Fantasy Convention.

Artist Alley Hours:
Friday: (9-10 AM for artists) 12 PM -7 PM
Saturday: (9AM for artists) 10 AM -8 PM
Sunday: (9AM for artists) 10 AM - 4 PM

A map and table number should be coming soon!

Since GMX was a bit of a bust for me (more on that soon), I'll have some familiar watercolored faces at my table.

Yep, same photo from AWA post.  I actually really like this setup, mesh cubes-wise.

Ready to Buy Mini Watercolors

Bob's Burgers Belcher Family Portrait
Child of Light Aurora and Ignatius

Fez indie game

Shoujo Gekkan Nozaku Kun Sakura

Home Movies tv show

Inu Yasha and Kagome

Luna and Artemis, Pikmin, and Kyubie

Sassy Buttons

Sassy Feminist Buttons
A fresh hot batch with brand new, super glittery flowers.

Paracord Keyfobs and Zipper Pulls

These are a collaboration with my mom and feature my double sided clear acrylic charms printed by InkIt Labs.  They come in two sizes- little zipper pulls and big keyfobs, and the keyfobs also include either a whistle, flashlight, or bottle opener.  We're currently making plans to introduce a lot more options, so keep an eye out.

And of course, lots more, including 7" Kara, Hana Doki Kara, and commissions.  I'll have Sailor Badges available in all 10 scouts, and mini dino prints.

I've instituted a new pricing plan for commissions- chibi and pony styles are $5 on Friday, and due to demand, chibi portraits go up to $10 on Saturday and Sunday.  As always, additional characters are just +$5 per character more.   So if getting a sketch from me on the cheap is a priority, please come by on Friday, don't wait until Sunday afternoon.