Sunday, March 30, 2014

MoCCA-fest 2014 Con Announcement

Hey guys, if you haven't surmised it from my Tweets, Tumbls, and sidebar, I'll be attending MoCCA-Fest this year!  Jon Griffiths, Eric Lide, and myself will be sharing table D1 as Kitten Kabruta(l), where we'll be selling our comics and more!  You can find us below on the map!

Image via the Society of Illustrators website

 Let's zoom in, since that's kinda tiny!

By the way, an alternate version of the map is available here.

Since I have a third of a table this year, I decided to focus on offering what's really important to me, so you may see a slight reduction in what I have to offer.  Fear not, my shop shall soon be updated with my full current stock, so you're not missing out!  I will most definitely have MoCCA-fest 2014 exclusive 7" Kara Combos, which include the book, a sketch (of Kara, inside the book), a button, a sticker, a bookmark, and a MoCCA-exclusive bookplate, as well as a super secret surprise goodie.  I'm so excited about MoCCA-fest and Kara's debut that I'm offering the whole combo for only $20 total.

 Here's my mockup for my MoCCA-fest slice of the D1 pie.  In the past, MoCCA tables have been smaller than the convention-standard 6', so I went ahead and planned to lose 4" to bad con karma.  20" isn't a whole lot of space to work with, but I gave it a fighting shot!

Bookplate, laminated bookmark, and just a few of the goodies that will be inside the Kara combo bags.  You'll have to buy one to find out what else is inside!

I intend to have copies of 7" Kara and enough goodies for 20 Kara Combos, a mix and match $2 bin full of mini comics, stickers, and black acrylic charms, my 2013-2014 charm set from Ink It Labs, and I'll also be offering at-table $5 sketches in addition to in-book sketches.  I intend to have this gaudy, semi awful tablecloth, so keep an eye out for it if you can!  I'm still not sure what, if any, display signage I'll be able to bring, but I hope to have SOMETHING that's visible.

As with many of my cons, this is sorta an expensive trip for me, since I live ALL THE WAY over in Nashville, TN, so I'd appreciate any and all support you guys could give me. 

In addition, this year Joseph, my intrepid comics interviewer, will have a MoCCA-Fest press badge for this very blog (and her sister Youtube channel, so if you're interested in having him interview you, please let me know and I'll make sure he swings by!  You can do that via email or tweet.  This will be Joseph's third year conducting at-table interviews, and if you're interested in checking out interviews from the past two MoCCA-fests or SPX, you can view them on the Youtube channel.