Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Heidi's Opened Commissions

My amiga Heidi has opened up commissions this summer, and if you aren't a suckerfool, you will STRONGLY consider commissioning her.  All of her stuff is beautiful, well drawn, well inked, and very well colored.  I commissioned a $10 sketch of Remi at Heroescon (which I need to post) and given the time she cranked it out, I am extremely pleased.  If I'd only ponied up a wee bit more money, I'd have a beautiful piece of art to admire, instead of a pretty little sketch that makes me covet her skills.  Please take a look at her stuff, and drop her a line. 

Her Commission Prices

I wish I could link from her DA, but unfortunately, the internet is stopping me, so I'm linking images from her website instead.  Get to updating your portfolio, Heidi!