Nattosoup in the Wood

This particular illustration feels like it took forever, and it did.  Sure, I haven't dumped many hours in it, but it's been worked on, bit by bit, over the span of several weeks.  I'm currently trying to get a feel for how fast I can work, so I'll attempt to complete several more pieces this week. 

The little girl isn't Little Red, she's my avatar, Nattosoup.  This particular Nattosoup is a revamp of my old Livejournal Icon, which will soon be replaced.  I'm not too happy with her smile (it's a bit creepy to me), but I'm not going to be too nitpicky, otherwise I'll never finish anything.  I don't know if it's blatantly obvious now, but I'm pretty obsessed with 3/4 length sleeves, fairytale outfits, and big puffy dresses.

Already I've made several sketch tweets, you should go check them out over on my Twitter of the same name.  I'd love it if you added me, and I promise to tweet back.

In other news, I finished doing rough layouts for Ready Set Go Chapter 2 yesterday, so sometime this week I'll be doing the thumbnails, and then I can REALLY get the ball rolling.  I'm waiting for an order of colored leads to get delivered from JetPens before I embark on anything really detailed or exciting.

I'd like to do a post with all of the prints I've done, but I need to get some good photos or scans of them, so that'll have to wait.


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