Monday, May 17, 2010

JoRoCo and ReTaHi

It's been a pretty slow week for me, art-wise, so as of right now, this's all I've got for this post.  I've got some things here and there that need my more immediate attention (blog banner, ect).  Joseph (the significant other) suggested that I talk about my process when posting new material, and I thought that might be a good idea.

For this piece, I started off with a sketch in graphite.  This was drawn before I started using non-photo blue and blue leads for layout, so there was probably a lot of erasing involved.  For styles like this, I tend to work fast, and I drew a lot of inspiration from the Zelda Wind Waker art.  I then scanned it, and months later, brought it into Photoshop to ink.  I work with an Intuos 4 X6 tablet (I've almost always used 4 x 6, and since I do most of my work sitting on a bed with my laptop on my legs and my tablet squeezed in between, 4 x6 is all I really need), and am currently using Photoshop CS 4.  If there's any interest, I can do some in-process screenshots while working on my next piece, but otherwise my method is pretty straightforward.  I change the hue of the pencil lines to a light blue, and begin inking over on a new layer, often making several passes.

The concept behind this is pretty simple:  one of Joseph's nicknames is JoRoCo, which sounds to me like an epic videogame character.  I figured he needed a shortcut, so I shortened my name down to the basics too.  Currently, I'm pretty terrible at talking about this art-stuff, but hopefully in the lifetime of this blog, I'll improve.