Invest In Yourself- Daily Drawing Warmups

Right now, so many of us are self isolating at home, and suddenly find we have a lot of time on our hands.  Between endlessly scrolling Twitter, posting photos of sunsets to Instagram,  baking tasty pastries, harassing the pets, and keeping up with the news, I highly suggest we work daily drawing warm ups into our at home schedule.  Now is a great time to start your drawing journey or to hone skills that may have fallen by the wayside, and there are lots of great online resources that will help you do this- FOR FREE!  You don't even have to get out of your pajamas.

Daily Figure Studies, 5 Min Per Figure, from SenshiStock

Why Warm Up?

  • Limbers up your hands- muscles and tendons- resulting in better drawing
  • Less likely to injure your hands
  • Helps build your mental library of objects, poses- will result in better drawing from imagination
  • Improves your knowledge of structure, human body
  • Will enable faster drawing

Still Life, Set up at Home, 20 Minutes

Great Daily Warmup Exercises:

2 Minute Pose Sketches x 10

5-10 Minute Referenced Figure Sketches x 2

Draw an animal from reference- same animal, 3 different references

Draw 1 randomly generated character from this character generator

Pick a corner of the room you're in and sketch it for 10 minutes

Pick a household object and sketch at least three different views of the object

Set up a small still life of interesting objects and draw it for 30 minutes

You can either use some of the sites listed below, or family members can take turns posing! 

Great Tools for Warming Up:
Note:  Not all resources linked here are all ages appropriate.  * will denote General Audience

Inspiration and Reference:
Pose Reference:
*Senshistock Pose Timer
Croquis Cafe
Line of Action Practice Tool
Quick Poses Reference tool
New Masters Academy, lessons and reference
Bodies in Motion
New Masters Academy

Drawing Prompts:
*Quick Character Generator
*Character Generator
Character Designs reference generator
Sketch Daily Reference Generator
Character Designs:


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