Colored Lead with Watercolor-Easy Lineless Watercolor Illustrations

One of my favorite 'tricks' for alcohol markers or for watercolor is to create a lineless artstyle using colored leads.  One of my favorite leads for this is the Pilot Color Eno Pink lead- perfect for florals and faces!

Today I want to walk yall through my process for using colored lead with watercolor.  The materials vary, but the process remains the same on almost any substrate, regardless of whether I'm using alcohol markers or watercolors.  Both watercolor and alcohol marker dissolve the pink lead a bit, and unlike graphite, colored lead won't necessarily ruin your marker brush tips.

If you're new to colored leads, I recommend you buy this set- it includes all 8 colors preloaded into handy mechanical pencils.  I find it really handy to have color coded, designated pencils for my leads.  If you have your own preferred mechanical pencils, you can get just the 8 pack of leads.

Demonstration 1

Fluid 100 Watercolor Paper

Step 1:  Sketch your sketch using the colored lead of your choice onto your paper.  Remove construction and excess lines with an eraser.

Step 2:  Paint as you normally would! 

Check out the Timelapse:

Demonstration 2:
MozArt Komorebi Palette

You're not limited to just pink though!  Match your leads with your subject matter, like in the below example with morning glories.

Demonstration 3:

Rice Paper Fan
Pilot Color Eno- Purple, Pink, Blue
MozArt Komorebi

Demonstration 4:

Pilot Color Eno Lead- Purple, Blue, Green
Rice Paper Fan
MozArt Komorebi

Demonstration 5:

Grumbacher Watercolor Paper Sample
Pilot Color Eno- Pink, Green
Da Vinci Mixing Set

Check out the Tutorial: 

Finished Works:

Grumbacher Watercolor Paper Sample, Color Eno Pink and Green, Da Vinci Mixing Palette

Fluid 100, Color Eno Pink, MozArt Komorebi

Strathmore Watercolor Paper, Color Eno Pink, Qor Mini Palette

Hahnemule Postcard, Color Eno Pink, Turner watercolors

Fluid EZ Block, Color Eno Pink, Derwent Inktense palette


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