Huevember 2019

Hello, good tidings, and greetings to you all!

Now that Inktober's over, we can move right on into the next challenge - Huevember!

In case you don't know, Huevember's a daily challenge through the month of November, where you're challenged to focus on using one hue per day. You can alter the saturation and lightness, and even use other colors, but the day's color must remain your main focus.

You can find the original rules and color list here:

With that said, I've come up with a couple of awesome calendars to help those of you keep track of your hues for the month. They've got transparent backgrounds and are ready to use!

2019 Digital Huevember Calendar

For you traditional artists, I've done my best to come up with an alternative that captures the same general color progression, focusing on Copic markers. You can use it if you're a digital artist as well, just bear in mind that colors aren't exactly the same as they show up as on your monitor.

Some of the colors will definitely be darker than they appear here on the screen - and if you find these selections don't work for you, you're welcome to substitute your own!

(And of course, if you don't have Copics - use whatever you feel like!)

Feeling like you wanna go freeform? How about filling in your own selections with the colors you want to use instead?

The license for these calendars is pretty lax - basically, you're free to use or modify them however you want - but if you redistribute the calendars, please credit me in some way.

Except the blank one. You don't have to credit me at all. The blank calendar is probably not... Anyway... Yeah, I'm not going to ramble about copyright. I'm not a lawyer.

You can find me on Twitter (@kibou), deviantArt (kabocha), and Instagram (@haganekitsune).


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