Making Comics and Intermediate Comic Classes Fall 2019

I'm so excited to offer TWO comic classes in Nashville this Fall!  Both are six week classes designed to help comic artists learn new skills and make a finished, printed, and assembled minicomic or zine to exchange at the end of the six week class.  

Making Comics is an introductory level comics-craft class great for anyone 13 and up that teaches the basics of planning and creating a comic.  This class is great for those interested in making their first comic, or interested in continuing their comics journey in a class setting.

Intermediate Comics builds on concepts and skills taught in Making Comics and covers additional topics such as adding color or tone to your comic pages, scanning and digitally correcting your pages, laying out your comic, and printing your comics.  In Intermediate Comics, I'll provide students with class tech access including a limited number of tablet computers, access to a large format printer, and scanner access.

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While students are requested to bring their own sketchbooks and invited to bring materials they'd like to experiment with, Nashville Community Education and myself provide all needed materials, and I work with students on a one on one basis in class and online to help them accomplish their comic goals.

Classes are open to anyone 16 and up to take on their own, or for 13 year olds to take with a parent.  This could be a great class to take with a friend, a family member, or your partner!

Both classes have open enrollment right now, and Nashville Community Ed offers scholarships!

Making Comics
Students will learn how to plot, plan, and prep an eight page mini comic, on the topic of their choice. Learn how to make daily journal comics, create recipe comics, or tell a short story in this immersive class. No drawing skills necessary - artists of all skill levels are welcome. Materials are provided. A final class on March 7 will meet at Wake Up Comics inside Groove Record Store for a comics and zine exchange! 
Note: Open to ages 16+ (no parent necessary) or ages 13+ if a parent registers as well! 
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Brand New!
Intermediate Comics
Interested in taking your comic-making experience to the next level?  Intermediate Comics expands on concepts taught in Making Comics, and provides materials that more experienced students will enjoy. Students will develop or hone their own comic art style, experiment with digital art processes, alcohol markers, and watercolor, learn how to letter and layout their comics, and have access to a large format printer and scanner during this class. Class ends with a joint zine/minicomic exchange shared with the Making Comics class.
Intermediate Comics is for artists who have already taken Making Comics, or comic artists looking to expand their experience.

Check out the syllabus for this class here!
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The Zine Exchange

The above video was shot at our Zine Exchange, held at The Groove in East Nashville, after class officially ended.  NCE Fall 2019's Zine Exchange is still in negotiation, but I will announce a location soon!  The zine exchange is an opportunity for students to exchange their finished zines and minicomics and celebrate six weeks of hard work with friends and family!  Open to the public, food and non-alcoholic drinks are provided!

Zines and Minis Made by Making Comics Students

For Making Comics, layout and printing are handled by me, zines and minis are assembled by students in class.  For Intermediate Comics, I teach students how to layout their own zines, and we spend time in class printing and assembling copies.  Any zines/minicomics that are not finished in class are finished by me, so all students with a complete zine or minicomic will have something for the exchange.  Students don't need to worry about printing or printing costs-this is covered by the class fee.


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