Ink Jam- A Sequential Art Showcase

Yesterday was quite a busy day- not only was it the last day of the Fall Semester (making today the first day of Winter Break), but it was also the day of Ink Jam, a Sequential Art showcase coordinated by Justine Ives, and participated in by the graduating graduate students, as well as the students in Studios I, II, III, and IV.  It has been quite a rush to get everything finished before finals, so it was a challenge to get my four pieces matted and framed for Ink Jam, but somehow I, and everyone else participating, managed.

Comic art gallery shows are a bit rare, as many don't consider comics to be a 'fine art'.  This was a great opportunity for us to show our work in a new context and to appreciate our pages as pieces of art in and of themselves.  This show was open to the public, and had a really impressive turnout.  The basement of Moon River is surprisingly nice and spaceous, the DJ was pretty good, and there were nibbles out.  For those interested, there was a bar open as well.  Each student contributed about four pieces of framed art, with many of us hitting up Dick Blick at some point for easy framing options.

To be honest, there are two situations I'm particularly uncomfortable with- the awards ceremony and the gallery show.  While I was grateful for the opportunity to show my work to a new crowd in a new setting, I didn't really know what to do with myself during the show.  I didn't want to lurk around my own work, and I didn't want to block the work of others.  The solution, as devised by myself, Heidi Black, Sarah Benkin, and Pan Wen, was to go upstairs and get some dinner.  I think we all figured we'd be back in time to collect our art, but unfortunately, the show ended at 10:30, and we didn't finish until 10:45.

While at the show, Joseph went around taking photos of the artists and their work.  Unfortunately, we missed a few, but we do have photos of all the work there.

Note:  Links were grabbed from Facebook, when possible (and in doubt), I included more than one.  I apologize that some of these photos are blurry, I've switched away from using my old point and shoot to my camera phone until I learn how to use my DSLR.

David Stoll:

Nicky Soh:

Morgan Beem:

 Pan Pan Wen:

Sorry for the blurry.

 Phil Jacobson:

Jerald Lewis, being intentionally dorky. (link)

 Jen Hickman:

 But Chi:

 Laura Neubert:

Jorge Corona:

Dave Valeza:

Lee Harris:

Becca Hillburn

Jeeyon Kim:

Justine Ives:

 Heidi Black:

 Dan Glasl (what is with this cropping?)

Ariela Kristantina:

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