Sunday, January 30, 2011


So here's Satellite, a little comic I slaved over for SCAD's upcoming anthology.  The theme is 'travel', and I figured that imaginary travel is still travel.  My original story idea was about pirates, but that's being done for Duncan's class (look forward to Ahoy!).
I'd wanted to do the daydream sequences in inkwash, but realized that inkwash would melt the gouache I'd made corrections with.  I'd tried my warm gray Copics and it made the corrections SUPER obvious, and I realized that toning was not in the cards. 

I am all abou that first page, but lukewarm about the second.  I feel like I probably crammed too many places into that page.  I also feel like I could have used more 'gray' (crosshatching and contour lines) to make it easier to read.  I'm currently in this awkward place between indie and manga, so of course, some of my early efforts are going to be ugly.  This would've been a lot cleaner if I'd done it digitally, but I'm trying to really hone my traditional skills.  The text is Letteromatic! a Blambot font, and I used tech pens and a brushpen.