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Commission Artwork from Becca Hillburn

An original, commissioned piece of art makes a great present for yourself or a loved one.  Perfect for a Facebook profile, a Twitter icon, a business card design, a blog header, original character turnarounds, or whatever else you can dream up, my commissions are fast and affordable, and provide a unique, completely customizable piece of art that will be cherished for years to come.  These commissions make fantastic presents for kids, are a fantastic way to commemorate an anniversary, and are a great piece of art for invitations of all sorts, from a kid's birthday party to a wedding.  There's a wide range of prices and styles to suit any taste and budget, and you stay updated on the progress of the piece the entire time.

My commissions aren't just limited to portraits- send me a screenshot of your WoW character, a sketch of  your original character, reference of your favorite TV, comic, or videogame character, or just a verbal description and let me do the rest.  I've worked with several popular bloggers in the past (Delightfully Tacky , Vanilla and Lace just to name a couple) and always strive to achieve an accurate AND flattering likeness.  No cookie-cutter look a-likes here, every commission is tailor made to suit the customer, and satisfaction is ensured by a multi-step process that involves the customer each step of the way.  I use high quality materials (Copic Markers, Strathmore Plate Bristol, Cold Press Watercolor paper, Winsor-Newton watercolors and gouache) and I utilize my years of art school education to give you a piece of art you can be proud of for years to come.  The idea is yours- I just make it a reality.

For those interested, I can stream the commission process, or for an additional $2.00, I can turn your commission into a 1.5" button. 

If you are interested in a commission, please select your choice from my online shop.  Because I offer a variety of commissions, I'll cover a few of them in detail below.  Once you've purchased your commission,  please email me at rhillbur at uno dot edu , stating what level of commission you've purchased, including any necessary reference (photographs of the subject, links to similar pieces if you'd like me to mimic a style or a tone, photographs or links to background you wish used, ect), and give me a general description of what you're looking for.  After we've solidified the commission details (any corrections to pose, background, or expression shown)  via a thumbnail sketch (including payment method, limit three corrections to original sketch), I'll begin the final stages of the commission.   I do not begin work until I've received the funds.  If you are interested in doing a trade, please say so upfront.  More information on that is available here, including a breakdown of why I charge what I charge, and here is a breakdown of how I actually go about creating commissions, including all the markers I use in a single piece.

 Because I get swamped at the holidays, the recommended ordering time is ONE MONTH IN ADVANCE of any major holiday, to guarantee delivery by date desired.  I may be able to fill orders made later (particularly digital orders, which do not require physical delivery on my part), but I do not ship overnight unless the commissioner sends me sufficient funds to cover postage.  Overseas shipping will require additional postage.

I accept Paypal, mailed check, and I have a Google Checkout option.  I don't mind mailing outside the country, but additional shipping charges may apply.

Commission Rates:

$5 Sketch Commission- Done on 8"x5.5" piece of cardstock in blue pencil and graphite.  If requested, I can spray fixative over sketch so that it does not smear.  This is great for character design reference, character turnarounds, and expression sheets.  For multiple poses/characters, please add an additional $5 per figure.  Turnarounds will be completed on translucent vellum for accuracy, and begin at $25 for 5 positions.

Example of a turnaround.

Note: Original bluelines will still be visible.  This is an important part of the process.

$10 Simple Watercolor Commission

A very simplified style on 4"x6" cold pressed watercolor paper.


$10 Pencil Commissions (sketch is scanned, turned into bluelines, printed on Bristol, and then pencilled over.  Much cleaner than a 5$ sketch)  If requested, I can spray fixative over pencils to prevent smearing.
Due to the nature of this process (printing bluelines on Strathmore 500 series Plate Bristol, pencilling on top)  faint digital bluelines will still be visible.

$15 Brushpen Ink Commission Black ink over blueline pencil.  Digital copy can be tweaked to drop the bluelines.  Style is limited to 'simple'.  Size is 8.5"x11".

Note: Bluelines have been dropped digitally.  They are still present in the original.

$20 Traditional Ink Commission (please choose: tech pen, brush, or nib, these are inked Pencils, printed on Strathmore 500 series Plate Bristol).

30$ Digital Ink Commission Done at the same 'size' as the traditional ink commission (roughly 10"x15", at 300dpi.  You receive the PSD [the working file, showing all the layers and layer effects] and a .jpeg for use on the web.
These roses count as a 'simple background'.

$40Markers/Watercolor Commission (Markers are done on Strathmore 500 series Plate Bristol, watercolors are done on Strathmore 500 series watercolor paper)- Price discludes background.
Copic Marker Render
Watercolor and gouache render

 Watercolor render.
$5 Brushpen Avatar Commission You do not get the original.  Brushpen over bluepencil, blue pencil will be dropped in Photoshop.   Human or anthro is fine.  If all aspects go smoothly, turnaround is under 1 day.

$15 Avatar Commission for Twitter, Pintrest, Facebook profile, G+, ect.  Copic marker render on Strathmore 500 series Plate Bristol or Winsor Newton watercolor on Strathmore 500 series cold press watercolor paper:
Marker rendered

$45 Marker Render Commission: With Detailed Background.  Copic marker render on Strathmore 500 series Plate Bristol.

$35 Digital Color Commission (same size as digital inks, can be in RGB [better for computer viewing/web] or CMYK [better for print].  I'll email you the .psd and the .jpeg)

Because these are smaller and have a no background, they'd be a bit cheaper, at say $25.  This is why it's important for you to describe what you want, in as much detail as possible.  My rates are somewhat negotiable.

Additional figure/animal +$10 to total past the sketch stage

Marker render+detailed background+extra figure = $55 commission

A commission from me makes a great:
Twitter Icon
Twitter Background
Computer Wallpaper
User Avatar on Forums
User Avatar on Livejournal
Blog Header
Blog Profile Picture
Facebook Profile Picture
Present for a loved one- Birthday, Christmas, Valentines, Weddings
Business Card Logo
Button design (I have a 1.5" button press, email me about my rates)
Present for Yourself!

As I work on your commission, I can either send you emails with the progress, or send you tweets with photos.  Tweets would be much more frequent than emails, since I only have to take a picture.  With all traditional commissions, you OWN the original, meaning I will mail it to you in a photo mailer at package rate.  I retain the right to include scans in my portfolio and use it for self promotion (this page would be a fair example of that).  You also have the option to have me stream the entire process, but this might occur over several days.

Your commission will be backed by either cardboard or tackboard, wrapped in bubble wrap, and mailed in either a bubblewrap mailer or a photo/document mailer depending on size.  I mail USPS at parcel rate unless we've made arrangements otherwise, and this tends to take about a week unless before a major holiday.

Things I won't draw:
Graphic nudity
Graphic Violence