Sunday, February 27, 2011


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I've got a lot of sketchy scans here from various projects, so bear with me.

Six pages of pencils for my 8 page comic Ahoy.  I'm trying to do a page a day, but today I had other obligations to take care of.

A lighting assignment for Professor Dove that I'm not really fond of.

Turnarounds for Sammy (Ready Set Go)
And some action poses.  I think almost all of this was done this week.  Whew, I should get back to work I guess.  I'll do a bust progress post later in the week, and hopefully finish pencilling the last two pages of Ahoy.  End of the schoolyear is always a crunch.
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Oldish, sorry.

I have a bunch of new unfinished stuff that needs scanning, and I'm working on an 8 page comic, so expect an end of semester dump at well, the end of the semester.  I'll try to update later in the week.

Sunday, February 13, 2011


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The text/image interdependence assignment for Duncan's class.  It probably should ONLY be in black and white, but darn it, I really wanted to play with my Copic warm grays, and it works so much better this way (especially the desert scene).

Saturday, February 12, 2011

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Forgot a couple images:

Watercolor and cut paper

 Copics and cut paper


There'll be more soonish!

Pitch Dump

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Everything I had for my pitch for Concept Design.  It's all Ready Set Go stuff.  Hopefully I'll have some things resolved by finals.

Height comparisons:

I'm going to make Remi (girl in middle) a little shorter and Julia wears heels all the time so she always appears taller.  Maybe I should make Sam (far right) a little stockier as well.